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Therapy is not magic nor is it a process where a therapist is able to “fix” you.  I  sometimes joke with clients that if I had a magic wand under my chair (or on my desk in times of tele-therapy), I could wave it and all would be better.  This certainly would make therapy go faster, wouldn’t it?  Alas, this is not the case. But it’s true that many come to therapy with some preconceived notions of what the process entails and one of the most common fantasies is that their therapist will give them advice.
“Just tell me what to do!”
It’s not to say that there are not therapists out there regularly dispensing advice as I believe there are.  But for those who see themselves as a guide for growth and personal empowerment for their clients,  they will refrain.  There are plenty of good reasons why your therapist will likely not give you advice.
Your therapist is not you.
As much as your therapist delves into the intricacies, characters and emotional waves of your life, they are not in that life.  You share a sacred space together to do your work but he or she is not walking in the footsteps of

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