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Usually when we hear stories of the behavior of the super-rich it involves shopping sprees, trips to Monaco or perhaps the occasional lifestyle productivity hack. But how did the American ultra-wealthy become the top 0.01%? Is there a secret formula to obtaining and maintaining wealth? What do all rich people have in common? For four […]
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These self-care tips can help therapists avoid burnout and thrive during the holiday season. 
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The word “fat” gets a bad rap. The truth is, we need some fat in our diet to perform at our optimum level. To fuel for peak performance, you first need to understand what are good fats and bad fats. Good fats are heart-healthy and a great source of energy. They are a key part […]
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Work stress: We’ve all felt it, especially in today’s environment. Working from home may be convenient, but it can also mean that spouses and children interrupt. Large companies seem to be laying off workers in droves, and uncertainty about the economy can add to our own stress as we wonder if we’re next. Everything seems […]
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Much like stepping on the scale after the holidays, the amount of money you’ll need to comfortably retire is the number many Americans aren’t sure they want to know. In fact, half of Americans haven’t even tried to calculate how much money they’ll need to retire. However, just like those extra pounds, ignoring the problem […]
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Ready for a truth most people won’t tell you? No matter the state of the economy, current politics or world events, you control the amount of money you make. Current job not creating enough income? It’s time to get serious about passive income.  Tony says, “If you want to change your life you have to […]
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Have you experienced dating anxiety? You’re not alone.
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Ever wonder if there is a different way to treat what ails us and fill in the gaps that may be left by Western medicine? Every year, an increasing number of people turn to complementary and alternative medicine – also known as CAM therapy – to help relieve pain from chronic conditions, improve their overall health, […]
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