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This past year has felt to like it’s been sucked up into a vacuum.  Many of us are rubbing the Covid sleep out of our eyes with cautious optimism as vaccine rollouts accelerate and Covid numbers decline nationally.  The human toll has been profound on many levels and despite reasons to be hopeful, reasons for legitimate concern remain.
But the power of hope is not to be underestimated.  It can build our resilience (the ability to bounce back from tough times) as well as help reduce anxiety, trauma, and depression.  The pandemic has seen a sharp rise in all three.
With signs of possibly getting out of this thing, or at least it being more manageable, people are looking ahead to the future and dreaming.  They are now able to imagine doing the things they have missed, re-engaging in life.  I can see this reflected via many media sources, in my individual and couples therapy practice as well as in my personal life with family and friends.  After months of hiding out, hope is making an appearance allowing people to imagine what could be again.
I’ve been reflecting upon the things that I miss and look forward to.  For me a few of

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