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I’ve been feeling a little sideways lately; bewildered, frustrated and a wee bit crazy.  What appears clear as my hand in front of me is reportedly something different to a group of people, unfortunately who have the power to do something about it.  And my lament is accepting the possibility what what seems so wrong will actually go unchanged.  The reality is, these things are part of life but for the moment, I am reminding myself of how to more easily swallow this pill if need be.
Truth is, there are many circumstances that can feel confusing to the degree that you feel sideways.  Unhealthy relationships, dysfunctional families, a toxic workplace are a few examples.  In many cases, you can actually DO something about it and get out of the situation (though this can be really hard for some, especially with trauma histories and self esteem issues).  And there are other cases where you do not have the ability as an individual to change the situation but to simply observe as things unfold.  You are powerless.
We all can have moments where we can sometimes feel “sideways” about a situation.  When it becomes more problematic is when it shifts from periodic to

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