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Richard Nicastro, PhD examines a number of reasons clients can feel like they aren’t getting what they need out of therapy.  A lack of personality fit or therapist’s theoretical orientation mismatch for the person are just a few of them.
There are numerous reasons why clients end therapy. The most obvious is that the clients feel ready to take what they’ve learned from therapy into their lives. Another common reason is that the circumstances of a client’s life have changed and the therapy has become less of a necessity because of these changes. In these instances, there is a natural stepping away from the therapy out of a reduced need for it.
But there are times when clients end therapy because it isn’t working for them for some reason; or more specifically, there was something about a particular therapist/counselor that didn’t work for them. The client might have felt that there wasn’t a good fit between their personality and the therapist’s personality; or that the therapist’s particular way of working (which is guided by a counselor’s theoretical orientation) didn’t resonate for the client.
These situations are unfortunate because, unlike the first scenarios, the clients would have benefited from continuing therapy and weren’t seeking

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