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Does your emotional status depend on the day, hour or possibly minute?  You are not alone.
If you’re like me, you’ve noticed an increase in online content around COVID19 and psychological health.  Because there is such a range of experiences in this pandemic, the topics are vast and what may speak to one sub-group, will be off the mark for others.  I’ve noticed myself challenged when attempting to write helpful pieces, feeling sensitive as to how they might be read by those who can’t relate.   In this country (and world) there are so many in survival mode while others, at least for now, are secure enough to “only” be facing the massive changes in family, work, school, social and community dynamics.  But there is one thing we are all doing during this pandemic.
We are all riding on our own personal emotional roller coasters.
No matter who you are, you have feelings about this situation and how it impacts you now and how it might impact you later.  The collective trauma yields different feelings depending on circumstances and how you typically deal with emotions.  You might be angry in one minute, sad in the next and even hopeless the next hour.  Perhaps you

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