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The emotional backlash of an affair on the partner who was cheated on can be earth shattering.  Whether there was suspicion of this happening leading up to the discovery or not, it all leads to a spectrum of emotions including shock, anger, grief and loss.  It can feel like the relationship has been dumped upside down with the contents shaken all over the ground.  But if both partners are open to the work of affair recovery, it’s possible and in many cases the relationship can come out the other side stronger than before.
The work to heal a relationship after this type of betrayal is unique to each situation and dependent on how each person shows up to it.  Is there remorse from the person who cheated?  A sincere interest in healing the wounds caused by their behavior?  A willingness to end the other relationship, if it has been ongoing?  Are they willing to do anything to save their primary relationship?  Just as important is the response of the partner who was impacted.  What do they need to be able to move on?  Can they eventually forgive the partner who chose to be unfaithful?
The most important aspect of affair recovery for

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