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The impact of Accelerated Resolution Therapy can be life-saving. Beyond providing relief for various life-altering mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, OCD, grief, and PTSD, ART has demonstrated incredible efficacy in emergency situations, such as suicidal intent. It frequently serves as a final recourse for clients who have exhausted numerous other techniques in their pursuit of relief. Such was the case for Ann Haydu’s client, “Abby.”
Ann Haydu’s ARTistry: Thirty Years of Healing and Innovation
With over thirty years of experience, Ann Haydu, LCSW, has dedicated her career to working with individuals in various life stages, including children, adolescents, adults, and older people and couples. Specializing in trauma healing, she is a Master Level ART therapist. In the past, she has consulted with the creator of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Laney Rosenzweig LMFT, traveling throughout the U.S. to provide training to both military and civilian therapists in the application of ART.

Abby’s Story: Navigating Complexity with ART
Ann encountered a particularly unique case while working with “Abby”, a thirty-seven-year-old female client diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Over the course of more than ten years working together, Ann developed a deep understanding of Abby’s complex situation. Abby also faced a combination of intricate physical and mental disabilities, including a chromosomal abnormality. During her early years, she underwent five eye surgeries before the age of five. She spent a lot of time in the hospital during her formative years, and there were moments when her parents were concerned about her survival.
Apart from this, Abby’s mental health deteriorated

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