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In a time when “social distancing” to “flatten the curve” has literally hijacked life as we used to know it, it’s critical for our emotional health to stay upbeat whenever possible for what could be a long haul.
At the moment, though in this together collectively, we may have different coronavirus impact depending on where we live (the San Francisco Bay area, for example, has a mandatory shelter in place order).  Some of you may have kids at home that are doing some kind of online schooling (perhaps while you try to work if you’ve had the ability to do so remotely).  Others may still be going to work because your area has not been restricted yet or perhaps you are one who is considered an exception (in health care or other required social services).  And there are surely those who are terrified about fundamental needs and their economic survival if out of work during this pandemic.
One thing seems pretty clear.  It could be a while.  As we settle in inside to decrease the spread of COVID-19, now more than ever before in any of our lives is it important to stay connected with the people we care about and find

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