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Resilience is the ability to recover from adversity which can include illness, loss, financial instability, natural disasters and any other highly stressful events.  With all we have been through globally in the last several years, it’s evident people have learned how to cope with a lot of challenges.  Sadly, the undulating waves of collective stress, worry and grief continue, while bearing witness to an unprovoked war and unfolding human tragedy in Ukraine.
There is a palpable sense of feeling frayed again and time for a reminder about how to pool your inner resources to weather these storms.  The book, Bouncing Back:  Rewire Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, by Linda Graham, MFT, is an excellent resource to do just that.  Here are some important nuggets you can practice now to help you move forward in the best way possible.
Resilience and the 6 C’s of Coping
1 – Calm
Learn to regulate your flight, fight, freeze response to experience inner peace vs numbness or collapse.
Try This:  Hand on the Heart 
Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and breathe gently.  Call to mind a moment with someone who loves you unconditionally.  Feel the moment with them, notice their kind expression towards you.

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