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The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing isolation people find themselves in will put many relationships to the test.  In normal circumstances, time spent in “togetherness” is a goal and hallmark of a healthy couple.  But no one ever suggested spending every waking minute in the same space, day in and day out.  There are of course exceptions, couples that normally find satisfaction in putting their full attention on the “we” rather than “me” but surely even they would occasionally run to the grocery store on their own.
When mixing people’s collective anxieties, worries and stresses with being cooped up with their partners, there will be a negative impact on some relationships.  And others will thrive and become stronger.
How do you keep your relationship as healthy as possible during quarantine?  
-> Give each other space, where possible.  You both need time alone, especially if there are kids in your space with you.  Talk about the importance of this and how to make it happen.  Are there times of the day that you can spend time in a separate room  doing your own thing like reading, napping or doing your online exercise class?  Can you agree that sometimes you’ll take a walk alone to

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