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Ouch.  You suffered a painful breakup and have been mourning the loss of what you thought would be and the heartfelt crush of an ego bruise.  Like many others who experience this, it sucks.  There’s really no avoiding the pain, especially if this was really someone special who you’d put big expectations into.  It’s called being human.  And it’s also being human to recover, tap into your resilience and rise up from the ashes of your personal disappointment and loss.  Friends, family, personal work and time can help you get there.
In order to know you’re ready to find love again, it’s important to do a lot of self reflection on what happened in the relationship.  There are complicated layers to the dynamics between two people in an intimate connection.  It’s a system where both parts contribute to the dance.  The goal is to get to emotional safety and security together, ideally feeling on a similar path in relationship goals.  There are many ways this can go well – and not so much.
If you feel you’ve moved past the grief stage of a relationship loss and there’s an inkling of interest in looking around you to see what might be next,

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