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We’re not out of this thing yet as evidenced by the tragic surges unfolding in Covid hot spots in the world.  But we sure are miles ahead of the dark days and unknowns of the past year.  There are many reasons to celebrate the incredible job the country is doing in getting control of the pandemic with mindful behavior and vaccinations.  Clearly by the decreasing numbers it is working!  Many are feeling great optimism, reveling in the warm rays of spring and feeling more freedom to safely engage in their favorite activities, connect with people, travel as their anxiety baselines slowly settle back down.
But not everyone.
Do you still feel preoccupied, worried or unsure?  Are you fully vaccinated but notice you feel hesitant to leap out into the world as you see other people doing?  Do you notice anxious thoughts still tapping on your shoulder?
Despite the signs that things are moving towards normalcy, relief and joy so palpable in many, we all experienced and bore witness to this last year.  Life as we knew it came grinding to a halt with all of the consequences along with it.  Something like this is not to be forgotten for anyone.
Those with a tendency for

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