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“I feel like I’m getting grinded down.  I’m starting to lose my resilience,” a friend said to me today when we stopped to chat 6 ft apart with masks, both on evening walks with our dogs.  We talked about how we each were faring in the pandemic.
We are collectively still in a battle with Covid-19.  Unless you are under a rock, you likely know someone whose life has been touched by this virus in some way involving health, the general stress of months of the unknown, economic uncertainty or even life lost.  Now facing the steepest virus climb and fallout yet, people are stressed, preoccupied and exhausted.  Many with vulnerabilities to anxiety or depression continue to be triggered.  And those without such histories are also struggling emotionally in their own ways, all reasonable reactions to such an unusual ongoing event.
The need for us all to lower our shoulders and exhale deeply is profound.  But though the tunnel is dark, there is light ahead.  We just need to get there.
Pandemic fatigue is legitimate no matter what lens you are viewing it through.  Whether you are in survival mode at one end of the continuum or fortunate to have health, financial means

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