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If you would have been asked a year ago if you were concerned about a global pandemic grinding life as you know it to a halt, you probably would have raised your eyebrows and laughed.  There is no doubt that the world we are in is not the world we knew then.
The ongoing threat of COVID-19 on health, employment, economy and social connection rolls on with no real end in sight.  The overall sense of uncertainty is pervasive across the entire planet and especially in the U.S. where the virus continues to seep into even the small towns of all of our states.  This is no longer a crisis of cities only.  On top of this is the division in attitudes around this pandemic and a lack of uniform approach to it.  We need to continue to stay buckled in here because apparently nobody is getting off this ride any time soon.
With trauma, it used to mean that we could work through the past to feel safer, to live a “life after trauma.”  But the world we live in is traumatic.  According to trauma expert Janina Fisher, PhD, we are “living in a war zone.”  A COVID war zone.  Whether

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