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It can be hard to imagine that something that happened to our great-grandparents or even further back could still impact us today. Generational trauma, the notion that events from the past could stretch across generations and influence us today seems almost unbelievable.
Understanding and breaking the cycle of generational trauma is complex and must be fully understood before trauma treatment begins.  Trauma-informed Accelerated Resolution Therapists recognize the importance of understanding a client’s full background before they move forward with trauma healing.
It’s not just about dealing with our own experiences and memories; it’s also about grappling with our ancestors’ inherited pain and suffering. 

“Trauma is commonly intergenerational, so many of our clients are carrying not only what they have experienced in their own lifespans, but also the legacy of the crushing weight of emotional, relational, and psychological pain that has outstripped former generations’ ability to cope effectively.” – Christie Eastman, MA, LPC, NCC , Master ART Therapist and Trainer

How does trauma become inter-generational?
Trauma can have a “trickle-down” effect. It’s not just an individual experience; it can also spill over and affect the next generation. Studies have shown that trauma can be passed down through genetics, affecting the way our bodies and brains respond to stress. But it’s not just about biology – it’s also about how trauma shapes the environment in which the next generation grows up.
A parent who has experienced any type of trauma may have difficulties in providing a calm demeanor for their children. They could experience trouble with emotional regulation,

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