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A lot has happened societally over the last several years.  People have had to wrestle with numerous challenges and adapt.  And still now many are contemplating where we are and what it means moving forward.  When there is a lot of change, challenge and angst, it’s normal to be introspective around how you fit in.  It can also be a silver lining moment to be unexpectedly led to consider the things that would create a chance for more personal happiness and life satisfaction.
What’s important?
What’s not?
Who is important?
Who is emotionally draining?
Who are your people?
What and who deserves your sacred time?
How do you want to be?
What no longer serves you?
It may seem like a lot to think about and in many ways it is but if you find yourself feeling internally led to change, there’s probably good reason for it.  Perhaps there is space opening for you to go deeper within, to understand who you are, what really matters and make adjustments.
If you are ready for a reset or renewal here are some steps.
Notice.  Pay attention to your thoughts and emotional response to your environment, the people around you and what brings you joy.  Take note of things that don’t feel in

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