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If you think you need grand gestures to show your spouse love, you’re mistaken.  One of the secrets to long-lasting love is making small gestures such as leaving your partner an endearing love note or holding his or her hand during a conflict. These gestures help couples form a secure attachment and build trust and intimacy.
It’s especially important for remarried couples to find intentional time to express positive emotions and appreciation to each other due to the complexity of their lives. The demands of daily stepfamily life seem to leave little time or money left over for relaxed, fun activities. However, using small gestures and rituals such a six-second kiss, as they depart in the morning, can help couples solidify their bond.
One of the things that Clare, 43, values about Sam, 45, is his ability to show love through his actions. Married for over five years, Claire and Sam are raising four children, two teenage sons from Sam’s first marriage, and Claire’s two daughters, ages ten and eight, from her previous marriage.
Like many remarried couples, once the bliss of their new marriage wore off, Claire and Sam stopped spending intentional time together and started drifting apart emotionally and sexually.
Clare puts

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