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We have gone through so much in the past year.  We’ve adapted, bent, scrambled, mourned, watched, processed, prayed and hoped as our lives changed in ways it was impossible to have predicted.  Many have experienced vulnerability, fear and worry in new ways too.  As we in this country breathe in signs of hope for positive change, we also reflect back upon what we have learned.
In the piece, How Will You be Different? written many months ago, I reflected on the possible subtle positive shifts that may be happening with a world halted, leaving us peering out our windows.  I wondered if the forced slow down might have allowed people to notice things they hadn’t before.  Could creativity have been sparked as we sought ways to keep ourselves occupied with the majority of our routines, activities and social meet-ups stripped away?  And while the unnatural amount of time couples, families and roommates sharing homes spent together was taxing for some, might it allow others to relish in a deep appreciation for loved ones?  I also pondered whether people post-pandemic would make contact with a deeper sense of gratitude.
My grandmother used to say, “Who’s got tomorrow?”  Boy, was she right.
As we wipe

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