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Richard Nicastro, PhD, through the eyes of “Nina,” explores what it can look like when protective love turns into hopeless frustration.  

If you’re a woman in a committed relationship, I’d like you to think about how your husband/partner reacts to you when you’re vulnerable — do your vulnerabilities bring out the best in him? Or does he react with annoyance, frustration or even anger?
One wife wanted to share what she learned about her husband after completing six months of couples counseling. As you read Nina’s insights, see if anything she’s discovered applies to your own relationship. Sometimes we can find pearls of wisdom on someone else’s journey, even when the specifics differ.
(I’m handing the blog reins over to Nina at this point so that you can hear from her directly…)
My husband and I have our differences and we’ve learned to compromise over the years, but overall we have a loving, solid marriage.
He’s always been quiet. When we met he was a little more talkative, but even then, it paled in comparison to how much I need to communicate. I’ve stopped trying to get him to talk more. It was unfair to him (since he’s never been talkative) and in all honesty,

Originally published at http://loveandlifetoolbox.com

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