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I was struck by an opinion piece by CNN’s Chris Cillizza about his Covid anxiety and why it’s spiking now.  He talked about how his personal battles with health anxiety and compulsive behavior predating this pandemic are now exacerbated as he tries to navigate himself and his family through the complex intricacies of the moving target of Covid.
“I’m exhausted from the constant not knowing,” he says.  “Each new day feels like it brings a darkening prediction of what the future holds, and I’m tired. I am a creature of habit. I love knowing what the next day will bring. With the pandemic, it feels like the situation is changing by the hour.”
As a psychotherapist and human being with my own leanings towards anxiety, this resonates with me and know for many others too.  Everyone can relate to Covid “fatigue” but what Chris is talking about is different.   If you don’t have mental health vulnerability across the anxiety spectrum or a history of threats to your physical, emotional or psychological safety, you possibly don’t understand those who find themselves activated again now as we slog our way through Covid’s murky waters, this time with Omicron.
I’ve noticed that there can be a

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