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Feeling unworthy and undeserving is pervasive.  It can touch every aspect of your life; your sense of self, your relationships and more.  I resonate with how Tara Brach, Psychologist, Buddhist meditation teacher, speaker and writer, speaks about feeling unworthy.  She says:
“Our most fundamental sense of well-being is derived from the conscious experience of belonging. Relatedness is essential to survival.”
We all need to feel we belong in some way.  Humans are wired to connect, find security in each other and also be a part of something larger in whatever that means.  But we can blocked from this for so many reasons and a sense of inherent deficiency can result.
According to Tara, “When inevitable pain arises, we take it personally. We are diagnosed with a disease or go through a divorce, and we perceive that we are the cause of unpleasantness (we’re deficient) or that we are the weak and vulnerable victim (still deficient). Since everything that happens reflects on me, when something seems wrong, the source of wrong is me. The defining characteristic of the trance of separation is this feeling and fearing of deficiency.”
She goes on to say, “Both our upbringing and our culture provide the immediate breeding ground for

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