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Yep.  I said “survival” toolbox because for a lot of people, this time of year is challenging.  We are all told that this is “family time” and that we are expected to be merry and festive with our extended families. If the holidays are positive and family gatherings conjur up warm and good feelings for you about connecting with loves ones, that is great!  There is probably not much need for any tips on how to “survive” much other than the frenzy of holiday shopping, prepping and attending parties and other gatherings.
But if you are increasingly agitated as the gathering dates approach and you’d like to learn some ways to do the best you can with your situation, read on.
The more common concerns circulate around family dynamics.  Often old ways of functioning still exist and many adults can feel themselves regressing into childhood as the time nears.  If dad still rules the roost, mom still scampers around him and the adult children are expected to follow along (as you always did) for example, this might not necessarily work as well now that you are well into your own adult life, making adult decisions, possibly with a partner and family of

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