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In Northern California, we have had three years in a row of major fires during October not only causing massive destruction but impacting large areas surrounding the actual fires by unhealthy air quality as smoke blanketed communities.  This current fire season was recently met by the electric company (PG&E) with pre-emptive shut offs during hot, dry and very windy conditions to try to minimize further impact.  This meant many communities in the Bay Area had no power for day after day while they nervously watched a massive fire raging under the most dangerous of weather conditions.
It’s interesting to notice the collective angst that is generated during this type of event.  If you tend toward anxiety, a situation like this can be particularly activating.  I was out of the country as the fire grew with my husband and son home in Mill Valley.  Though I was away on a mini vacation, I had one eye on California and the unfolding situation the entire time.  I was nervous and didn’t like being away from my family when things appeared to be unraveling in such a way.
When I landed in Oakland this past Sunday night, we glided down through a haze of golden

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