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What makes people happy? Well, it’s not money. And it’s not fame or popularity. It’s actually quite simple. It’s the people in our lives. And for many people, it’s really about one person in particular—their romantic partner. Romantic relationships are often described as one of the most significant relationships for adults. And there’s good reason for that.
Think about what healthy relationships do for us. They provide support—from an extra pair of hands around the house, to financial assistance, to a shoulder to cry on when life turns upside down. More importantly perhaps, romantic relationships also provide opportunity for connection and intimacy, the experience of being understood and cared for; they also bring feelings of joy, excitement, and fun, to name a few. In other words, romantic relationships enrich our lives in countless ways.
But what about when we’re struggling personally, such as with feelings of depression, anxiety, or some other concern? Is there a way for us to use our relationship to improve our individual psychological health? You probably guessed it, but the answer is a resounding yes!
Why bring your partner into therapy? Well, let’s first acknowledge how hard it is to make the necessary changes in order to overcome depression,

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