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Richard Nicastro, PhD digs into the unfortunate reality of divorce; some of the ways it can come about as well as some important things to keep in mind if it happens.
We don’t get married expecting to be one of the fifty percent of the couples who end up divorcing.
The we’re-going-to-make-it expectation runs so deeply that most of us don’t even entertain the thought that someday we might be the couple fighting over who gets the antique desk and the artwork in the master bedroom. Most of us would never even consider gambling our life savings with these odds (a fifty percent chance that you could lose every penny), and yet, when it comes to marriage and divorce, we willingly roll the marital dice even though the emotional stakes are high.
While not all marital endings are alike, the decision to divorce (or having to divorce because of someone else’s decision) can be devastating.
Divorce is disruptive on many levels. There are the practical and financial upheavals, the untangling of lives once joined so tightly. The impact on children can be considerable. Where love once existed, there is now an emptiness filled with anger and despair. 
The slow burn ending
Some marriages unravel over time.

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