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Criticism.  Sarcasm.  Disrespect.  Repeat.
These are just some of the relationship behaviors that some when reoccurring can leave you wondering, “How did I get here again?”  The relationship may have even started great, you thought he/she was incredible, a nice person, a good match.  But when red flags started to wave you either ignored them or excused them away because you wanted this to be what you hoped it was.
The chemistry is incredible!  They are so doting and attentive!  They are the life of the party!
If you’ve cycled through a lot of painful relationships and this sounds familiar, take heart in knowing you are one of many who with great intentions and hopes of love and finding your person who end up entangled in unhealthy relationships and yet, stick around.  Hope is a powerful elixir and it’s often hard to see that the dream of what you thought they were is actually just that, a dream.
Healthy relationships require a number of pieces to fall into place from both people involved.  A history of secure attachment and emotionally safety increase the chances that you have been provided the tools you need.
Here are more behaviors that often characterize unhealthy relationships:

verbal or physical abuse

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