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I have been in a relationship for almost 8 months. The relationship has been good when we’re together but he has always had trust issues with me whenever I’m seeing my friends or if I’m going out. Somehow I’ve just sort of accepted it and I’ve lost a lot of friends. When we were out together the other night we got into an argument and he was very drunk. I said something to a friend of mine, a guy. My boyfriend then took a hard grip around my arm and started questioning me about this guy. I said he was a friends but he didn’t believe me. He then put his arms around me as if he was going to hug me, but instead he squeezed really hard and it hurt. I got really scared and started crying and screamed at him to let me go.
After about 10 minutes some girl whom I don’t know stepped in and pulled me away from him. He felt really bad about it when we spoke the day after and I accepted his apology. However later that day we were fooling around when he all of a sudden raised his voice. I felt really

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