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It’s been seven months since living in our coronavirus reality.  Activities and normal ways of living are modified or all together blocked for many of us as we continue to ride our personal waves of angst, fear, preoccupation, anger, worry, frustration and sadness.  One thing most of us can all relate to is the felt sense of disconnection.  Whether you are generally out and spending time with a social pod or in a high risk group and home a lot, very careful with interactions, most of us have experienced far less contact with loved ones, broader friend groups and larger social experiences than before.  It’s hard to believe we took for granted activities like youth sports, live music venues, large weddings and unbridled travel.  They feel like distant memories for most of us now.
For me, there are many people in my community I ran into regularly who I haven’t seen for months because we have pulled into smaller and tighter groupings.  I recently went to a grocery store I don’t normally and  ran into a baseball dad.  We are more or less on an acquaintance level but we stopped and chatted for many minutes, both of us seeming to be

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