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We’re suffering a collective trauma, but members of the Black community, who are already inherently raised alongside that trauma, are getting hit the hardest. While mental health resources have historically been out of reach for many Americans, a number of organizations make them accessible, affordable, and as simple as pressing a button. Inspired by Jesse Sparks, who shared a wonderfully comprehensive list at Healthyish, we’ve compiled a brief explainer on the services offered by different collectives.
The National Alliance on Mental Illness points out that only 30 percent of African Americans with mental illness receive yearly treatment compared to the national average of 43 percent, due in part to a combination of socioeconomic issues. And then there’s the lack of diversity in the mental health profession; according to the American Psychological Association, 86 percent of psychologists are white, while only 4 percent are black. This can make finding a therapist who understands the unique struggles of racial trauma even more difficult.
There’s a long way to go to alter systemic inequality in mental health treatment. As we fight for that, these mental health resources for the Black community hope to help the healing begin.
Accessible mental health resources for members of the Black community
Therapy for Black Girls

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