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Physical intimacy in your relationship doesn’t have to be boring – even if you’ve been married for decades! But if you find yourself getting tired of the same old routine or you’re just looking to heighten the passion you already feel for one another, read on.
Being intimate with our partners is one of the biggest ways we connect on both a physical and emotional level. The oxytocin released during sex is responsible for bonding, building trust between partners, and lowering stress.
Whether you want something sweet and romantic or X-rated and naughty, these 5 tips are sure to spice up your sex life.
1) Do Something Different
One naughty way you can spice up your sex life is to be brave and try something different, and we don’t mean get-frisky-in-the-car different. We mean get entirely out of your comfort zone. This might make you feel awkward at first, but the thrill you’ll get from trying something new and naughty will outshine any temporary discomforts.

Say it. Dirty talk is a great option for spicing things up. Send your spouse a scandalous text telling them all the things you want to do to them when you get home or engage in some dirty-talk during sex.

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