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Authenticity in your daily living is a sweet congruence of your beliefs, values and actions.  Your inner world and outer world align and there is a synchronicity or balance between who you truly are as an individual and how you conduct yourself in your life.  You are not bound by any narratives around how you “should” be but rather you live a reflection of you at your inner most core.
Ah, it sounds very peaceful doesn’t it?  Why would we all not be living in a blissful state of authenticity where we could be free to be ourselves?  Not everyone has the insight, awareness, tools and drive to seek an authentic life and there are good reasons for this. But it is an excellent goal to work towards.
Consider the following signs of living authentically and honestly reflect upon whether they exist in your life.  Maybe there are a few you can begin to integrate?
Authentic Life

You know yourself deeply; your wounds, strengths, vulnerabilities and successes.
You have worked through or are working through your stuff to be as clear as possible about who you truly are.
You take time to reflect and re-assess what’s important to you and realign if needed.
You seek to connect

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