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Conflict is a part of life and relationships.  Though having less conflict is a good thing, having no conflict ever is not a realistic goal.
The question is whether you and your partner are behaving in ways that will encourage you to successfully navigate through to the other side.  An important part of this is having enough self awareness to be willing to hold a mirror up to yourself and own your role.  This can be tricky as it’s not always smooth.  But if you can begin by being aware of what unhealthy communication looks like, you may be more able to catch yourself doing things that aren’t helpful and even change course.
10 signs you don’t fight fair in your relationship

You name call or make character attacks.
You use global statements such as “always” or “never.”
You go off topic to a long list of other issues you are reminded of.
You weaponize your partner’s vulnerabilities.
You follow your partner around the house despite them saying they don’t want to talk about it now.
You suddenly leave when clearly angry, maybe even out the door.
You minimize or invalidate your partner’s feelings.
You bring in the supposed opinions of others who “agree” with you into the discussion.
Your defensiveness

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