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These are challenging times.  Most of you have had to redefine what’s “normal” as we practice social isolation to do our part to avoid the spread of COVID-19 / novel coronavirus.  Some of you are home with your partners and kids, challenged to be teachers as your children continue their schooling online.  In many of those cases you are trying to work at home too, if possible.  If your kids are younger, you may be trying to entertain them and create some semblance of order.  Some of you are without kids in the home but as a couple, individual or roommates, also trying to wrap your brain around your new temporary lives.
Some are highly stressed, worried about your health and the health of those you care about.  Others are also worried about finances.  Where will money come from if your place of work is now closed?  And if you are in a country where there is a literal lock down in effect, you are even further contained in what might be a small apartment, where you aren’t even allowed to leave without permission (to shop or essential needs only).
This global pandemic is a collective experience and indeed, we are all

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