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Self-blame, negative self-talk, endless pummelling by the inner critic and the relentless self-shaming that can hijack our minds and torture our hearts can effectively poison our trust in ourselves to cope and derail any hope of bouncing back from stress and trauma. 
I offer 14 very practical and very useful exercises to push back on the inner critic (even shift its role to that of inner advisor) from a recent webinar sponsored by NScience: Ending the Flood of Shaming Self-Talk: How to Effectively Face Up to the Inner Critic. Though crafted for clinicians, the entire webinar is offered in very plain, accessible English and will be useful to anyone at any stage of shifting their relationship to their inner judge/bully/gremlin.
Here are the basic principles that provide the context to benefitting from this work:
The Inner Critic is Universal
The inner critic is an easily recognizable inner part of our larger Self that is archetypal, universal.  Every human being experiences some form of negative self-talk, some form of harsh self-judgment or self-criticism once in awhile, some days all the while.  
“Who do thou think you are?  You’ll never amount to anything.  It doesn’t matter how hard you try, nobody’s going to like you or stay your friend.” 
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