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We may be in it for the long haul with our unwelcome guest, COVID-19.  No one knows much about anything regarding how this pans out but what we do know if there has been a massive impact of families across the globe as they’ve done their best to adapt to the changes in school, work, finances, social routines, etc.
Kids and Anxiety
The mental health consequences are significant, not only for those managing anxiety, depression and discomfort with uncertainty but for kids who are less equipped to process the pandemic.  They have been pulled from their normal routines and change can already be challenging for children, in particular.  A normal response is anxiety which may be harder to detect or be misread.
Parent Stress and Working from Home / Home Schooling for Kids
A major challenge has been for parents trying to work at home while managing school work for their children.  Parents are wearing more hats than they ever imagined and weren’t trained for, sometimes causing overwhelm and conflict in families.  A clever company is now offering  virtual babysitting services to lighten the load and give parents breathing room to get to their own jobs or time for themselves.  Some children are no

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