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Summer is close.  The warm weather beckons.  He wants to get together with a big group for a BBQ in someone’s yard, not worrying so much about wearing masks or if it spills inside.  She feels strongly about maintaining 6 ft distance from others, wearing face coverings and staying outside.  He’s feeling caged with COVID-19 fatigue and missing social connections.  She feels a similar fatigue but is more focused on remaining cautious  around the virus for now.  They argue and it causes a rift.  He is frustrated.  She feels unvalidated and alone in her fear.
As a couple they’ve been pushing out socially, practicing social distancing, enjoying the contact.  Their children are also monitored, having limited and safe contact with only a few kids.  The parents have a medium size group over for a party outside in the yard during Memorial Day weekend, in theory meant to be “safe,” but as the alcohol flows it gets out of hand and caution is thrown to the wind.  One of their children bursts into tears observing the scene, scared his family will get the virus.  The parents not only feel shame about losing sight of their good intentions but mixed messages given to

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