Therapists probably have slightly different interpretations of what family of origin work and the process is. Here is my definition:
“Family of origin work is getting unstuck emotionally and/or in your relationships in the present, by healing the family or other wounds of the past.” 
I have repeatedly found (in life and with my clients) that a range of emotional and relational issues that can be connected to the one’s family of origin experiences with parents, primary care-givers and/or families in general. Anxiety, depression, anger, fear and recurrent relationship problems are often tied up in these unresolved issues.  What springs out our earlier experiences are core beliefs about who we are and whether we can safely rely on others. It is an area of great passion for me to help people to get clarity around what happened, their resulting paradigms and making changes where useful.
People who might benefit from this type of work are those who experienced a number of different situations in the past that are keeping them from living fulfilling, connected and peaceful lives in the present. These “situations” usually occurred early in life – though can continue in various patterns straight through to adulthood.
Examples of problematic situations occurring earlier in life include:

Childhood Trauma


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