I often ask friends, family and members of the Happy Wives Community this one question:
“What is the best marriage advice you’ve ever received?”  
When I posed this question to marriage and mommy blogger, Paula Rollo, it took her the shortest amount of time to write this response.
After I finished reading Paula’s post on the best marriage advice never told, I emailed her and said, “Your post just gave me Goosebumps!”  Because it did.  You’ll see why…just scroll down.
Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

My husband and I received a bit more than our fair share of strange advice when we got married. It wasn’t all negative, but when you get married 35 days after you meet there are definitely more than a few naysayers. 
We did, however, have many supporters and received lots of sweet cards with wonderful words of encouragement and advice. 
I can tell you verbatim some of the bad advice we got, simply because it struck me, even at age 18, that “this would never work!” Strangely, I can’t recall much of the positive advice we received.
Looking back, the most important guidance we received for our marriage, was not found in a witty one liner, or an inspirational quote about love. Nope,

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