Rindie Eagle, MA, LPCC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
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We are in unprecedented times. The impact of the pandemic is significant on multiple levels, including psychological, as it contradicts what is familiar and expected in the world leading to confusion and uncertainty.  For some, it may be impairing your ability to cope with all that is happening leading to strong emotional responses like grief, panic, anxiety or depression.
Trauma experts Dr. Peter Levine, PhD and Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD, recently sat down together (from afar) for an online webinar to discuss the pandemic from the perspective of psychological impact.  They shared their thoughts on some of the primary risks of the COVID19 pandemic as well as what can be done.
A Few Pandemic Psychological Risks

Not being sure who to trust or they know what to do.

No one really knows what’s going to happen or the full scope of impact to our society and world at the hands of the virus.  We are wired to asses threat and not knowing what’s coming makes our brains unable to do that accurately which can lead to chronic  stress.  Our lack of ability to move around in ways we are used to has hindered and removed normal social activities.  These are unnatural states

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