Create the life you love with the love of your life.  That’s the tagline of one of my favorite marriage blogs,
Life coach, Maggie Reyes, is the founder and main writer on Modern Married and I’m always tickled pink when she hops over to Happy Wives Club to share some of her boundless energy.
I know you love her as much as I do because some of the most popular posts on this site -like this one shared 245,000 times and counting- were written by Maggie.  
First she taught us about a daily vitamin, Vitamin F2, for our marriages and now she’s teaching us a slightly different version of the standard “Double D.”
Until Monday…make it a great weekend!

We love a little research here at the Happy Wives Club and here is the scoop – study after study shows that being married not only results in more frequent and better quality sexual experiences, it also helps us sleep better and have significantly better mental and physical health.
That doesn’t mean marriage can’t be hard sometimes. A good marriage makes you happier but a bad marriage, as we all know, can have an equally profound negative effect on different areas of your life.
This is one


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