Dr. Richard Nicastro, PhD, explores the challenging work of post-affair recovery.  The  trust and hope required for healing to occur in the aftermath can be challenging to find in the transitional period for both partners.
Change in a relationship is inevitable after an affair. There is the immediate crisis that follows the discovery or revelation, and that typically includes shock, disbelief, and emotional upheaval. Whether the discovery of the unfaithfulness comes after a period of suspicion that something was amiss, or whether it seems to come from out of the blue, it can be the most devastating thing to a once-healthy relationship.
If you are the betrayed partner, you may get denials and excuses from your mate when you confront him/her with evidence of the affair. These denials might make you question your previously clear conclusions to such a degree that you may feel crazy and may start to doubt your ability to recognize truth. The combination of your partner’s denial of any wrongdoing and your own wish to undo the painful reality that you’ve been cheated on paves the way to self-doubt.
But at some point, if healing is to occur, the unfaithful partner must admit to the affair.
A new world order:

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