This month we hosted a sold out Level 3 Training in Seattle, Clinical Director Dave Penner Ph.D. presented a Level 1 Training, a Level 2 Training, and a Seven Principles Leader Training in Singapore, and we held 40 workshops and trainings around the world.
“Month in Review” is a feature on The Gottman Relationship Blog that gives you the opportunity to recap the news and events of the last month. Below you will find useful information and links from September, including mentions in the media, important announcements, blog postings, class photos, and more.



We’re going to learn the best ways to use humor to make you happier, healthier, more successful at work and even to improve your relationships.
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The Good Men Project: Debunking 12 Myths About Relationships
Verily Magazinet: Should We Really Marry Our Best Friend? Yes, And Here’s Why
Thought Catalog: This is Your Brain on Porn
Miami Herald: Is Your Smartphone the Third Party in Your Relationship?
Momzette: Rekindling the Romance
The New York Times: Secrets to Lasting Relationships From High School Sweethearts
Independent: How to Stop a Relationship From Falling Apart, According to Science
Stylist: The Four Red Flags That Will Spell Trouble in Any Relationship
Verily Magazine: 3 Conversations to Have Before Marriage to Avoid Irreconciable Differences With Your S.O. 
Fox 13: Three Small Wins That Can Turn Your Relationship Around
The Huffington Post: Marriage Therapists Say

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