Are you overwhelmed with personal, relationship and/or work stressors, life and possibly even the political climate?  There are many things that can be deeply unsettling to people and we all have our own ways of dealing with stress.  But when stress gets out of control, it can bleed into anxiety which leads to suffering.
Modern neuroscience has confirmed the malleable nature of the brain which means that the more we spend fixated on the negative, the more inclined we are to view all parts of our lives through this destructive lens.  This pattern of thinking can lead to paralyzing feelings of anxiety and even desperate hopelessness.
Is it possible to “quiet” an already anxious mind?
Elisha Goldstein, PhD, is offering a free webinar to help you break out of negative, anxiety-inducing modes of thinking to uncover the freedom and inner peace you deserve.
In this one-hour online event you’ll learn:

How to channel your anxious energy towards skillful behaviors.
How to respond to your inner critic.
The importance of slowing down and relaxing your body.
A short and simple meditation to rediscover your natural balance.

Register for this free webinar event, 11 Ways to Ease Your Anxious Mind.

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What to do next

Step 1 - Ask Yourself
Are you ready for something to be different? Can you afford to stay the same? Are you ready to make one of the best investments in your future?
Step 2 - Get Excited
Answering yes is the first step in the journey towards your goals. You are about to take a courageous step that will impact your life and those around you!
By phone - 763-370-5014 or click the link below. I work best with those who are ready and excited to change their life.
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