This month Drs. John and Julie Gottman presented a Level 1 Training to a packed house in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dave Penner, Ph.D. and Laura Heck, LMFT traveled over to New Orleans, Louisiana and presented a Seven Principles Program Educator Training and a Bringing Baby Home Educator Training, we launched our first online training program for professionals, and we hosted 23 trainings and workshops all over the world.
“Month in Review” is a feature on The Gottman Relationship Blog that gives you the opportunity to recap the news and events of the last month. Below you will find useful information and links from March, including mentions in the media, important announcements, blog postings, class photos, and more.


For most of my life, I’ve believed the myth that good marriages are relatively free of conflict. This misconception has caused me anguish on many occasions.
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