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“Month in Review” is a feature on The Gottman Relationship Blog that gives you the opportunity to recap the news and events of the last month. Below you will find useful information and links from July, including mentions in the media, important announcements, blog postings, class photos, and more.


If you take a good hard look at couples who are truly happy, you will find that they have built a strong foundation for a happy marriage by doing these five things every day.
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The Telegraph: Marriage makes people happier than six figure salaries and religion
Verily Magazine: 5 Clues That Your Boyfriend is Really Your Future Husband
The Huffington Post: 8 Things Marriage Experts Say You Must Do Before Tying The Knot
Business Insider: The 4 little words you should always use when asking for a raise
Wait But Why: How to Pick Your Life Partner – Part 2
Mirror: The one sign your relationship is in serious trouble – according to experts
Alternet: Why Do Divorced Couples Remarry—and


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