In some photos of myself as a young child I looked sad.  As I stare into my own eyes in some of the pictures from back then I see melancholy and pensiveness.  Distance.  Ambivalence.  A little girl inside her own head.  Of course at that time I was not aware of any of this as as adult brain might be.  But I know know.  My 47 years has been spent understanding, gaining wisdom, healing and becoming an expert on myself.
Though I aged in years, the little girl inside me was sometimes in charge.  And until I understood what that meant, I struggled emotionally and in my relationships.  Thankfully, after a lot of personal work and growth, things have shifted very positively.  As it turns out, I am a therapist by profession.  And I like to believe that my personal experiences makes me a better therapist.
You can grow and change too.
When your inner child is running the show, some of these faulty beliefs may be why:

I’m not good enough.
People will leave me.
I’m not lovable.
People can’t be trusted…and many more.

The beliefs are deemed “faulty” because they likely developed early in life based on how important people in your life showed up for you.  The


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