Does this sound familiar?
Kris is an accountant and Sam is an architect. They’re trying to create a budget together.
Kris: We just need a realistic budget to stick to.
Sam: I do stick to it, but unexpected things keep happening.
Kris: You have to plan for the unexpected. Let’s go back and look at the checks and the credit cards statements, and see where our money is going.
Sam: You never show me the respect that you show your accounting clients.
Kris: I respect you, but I’m upset that you can’t control your spending. How can we save that way?
Sam: I do control my spending, but I have to get things our family needs.
Kris: We don’t need a 60” TV or 16 knives. We don’t NEED all of this crap.
Sam: You never understand or care about my needs.
Kris: I work really hard for our stuff. I do understand.
Sam: I work too. What do you think I do 40-hours a week? Pick my nose?
Kris: I know you work, and I do care, I just want us to be smart about our money.
Sam: It’s not about being smart, it’s about love. You’ve never understood that.
Kris: Not it’s not. Love is about love. Money is about money. That


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