“What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your marriage and how did you do it?”  This is the question posed to Keith and me every time we give an interview together (which is rare…not his favorite thing, for sure).
Easy question to answer, right?  Well, not for us. It usually causes an uncomfortable laughter because we know what the interviewer is looking for – and we don’t have it to give.  
The truth is (and please know that I don’t say this to boast, but rather, for transparency), we’ve never had a challenge in our marriage that has felt… well…that major.
Granted, infertility to many would be considered a major challenge.  Going in for five rounds of fertility treatments might seem like a major drag to some. And no, sticking all of those needles in my stomach is not how we originally envisioned our journey to family expansion. But we’ve never spent time dwelling on all of that. We’ve even made a bit of a game out of it that makes us laugh.
When it’s time to give myself hormone injections, my cell phone alarm starts playing Beyonce’s Countdown. Then I quickly lay out all of my needles and Keith and I

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