Claire Hatch, LCSW looks at resentment in relationships and ways to begin the process of sweeping it away by seeing interactions with your partner differently.
“He thinks I’m stupid and he has to school me!” Lena said. “Sometimes I just have a different opinion. I’m so tired of trying to explain it when he obviously doesn’t care how I feel.”
You know how it goes. You keep trying different ways to get him (or her) to understand how you feel, but somehow the two of you always get stuck in the same argument loop. “You think I’m stupid!” “No, I don’t!”  Despite all your efforts (and painful talks) you can’t reach the point of understanding. Eventually you start to feel like your partner doesn’t care, and that’s when anger turns to resentment. Now you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands, because unresolved resentment can be a relationship killer.
Clearly, you need a new approach. Most of all, you need to widen your perspective so you can see that there are probably a number of forces at play in your conflict. That will change your conversation completely.
Here’s a simple two-step exercise that help you will do just that.
Step One
Answer this question: What do I


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